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Девочка с цветком Девочка с цветком

What is Live Food?

Let’s start with the composition. Live Food is::

  • – when the products are made only from real, natural ingredients;
  • – when the composition is simple;
  • – when there are no synthetic additives, starch, GMOs;
  • -when modern careful technologies to keep the natural benefits, vitamins and most of the beneficial microorganisms are used in production;
  • – and, of course, it’s a packaging that keeps the product fresh without preservatives and doesn’t change it’s taste.

That’s why “Sloboda” products are real Live Food! Such food does not only meet the production standards, but also has a real force of the nature.

3 life hacks with vegetable oil that will surprise you

  1. Before you will rub the soft cheese, lubricate the grater with oil. This solve two problems: the cheese will not stick together and will not stick to the grater.
  2. If you pour oil on a tangled gold chain for 15 minutes, you will be able to untie any sea knots.
  3. Frying, use only refined oil. Refined sunflower oil begins to smoke only at a temperature of 232 degrees Celsius, unrefined - at 107 degrees Celsius. So leave the fregrant oil for salads and other cold dishes, and choose high-quality refined oil for frying.

3 life hacks
with vegetable
that will surprise

5 interesting facts about mayonnaise

  1. The juiciness of the taste of mayonnaise directly depends on how many yolks were used in its production.
  2. The Russian city of Yekaterinburg is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the city with the highest consumption of mayonnaise per person in the world.
  3. Mayonnaise is much less calorific than any oil.
  4. The homeland of mayonnaise is France. In 1753 there appeared the famous Provencal.
  5. The word "mayonnaise" comes from the French word "moyeu", that means "yolk".

5 interesting
facts about