Наша цель
Наша цель
To create tasty products with the care for the future
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Счастливые мать и дочь Счастливые мать и дочь

About you and us

What does it mean for you to be at home?

Sit down to table with your legs crossed in the circle of your family. Season the salad with mayonnaise, but do not stir until Dad comes. Laugh out loud! Eat with your hands! Fish the onion out of the plate while Mom is not looking. And lick your fingers after oiled pancakes.

Yes. We are what we are. Real.

“Sloboda” is inspired by sincerity – your sincerity. We want family time to bring you much more pleasant emotions, and the delicious food to give a pleasure. Whether it’s a hasty breakfast or a feast.

Майонез слобода на конвейере

Careful with traditions. Attentive to technology

Sunflower oil “Sloboda” appeared in stores 30 years ago. And it was loved for what is really important. For not changing the taste of products, for not shooting and not foaming while frying.

And “Sloboda” is still loved.

We know that it is important for you that Sloboda products are made strictly according to GOST and only from natural ingredients.

Did you know that Sloboda mayonnaise is made from real egg yolks? And there is even a separate production for this.

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Дети на производстве Слобода

About the production

For example, in the sunflower oil production we use the most gentle purification technology. That’s why all the benefits are kept. We do not complicate the composition of ketchups and sauces “Sloboda” with preservatives.

Believe us, to prepare a product without preservatives and synthetic additives is much more difficult. And we know that, accepting compromises in production and in the formulation, we risk to loose your love.

We appreciate what nature gives us, and we carefully share its benefits with you!

Девочка ест хлеб

The taste from choldhood

About the taste of Sloboda you know yourself.

Developing the taste of a product, our goal is not only to make it tasty. We want the smell of the product to evoke the most pleasant associations. We want it’s smell to be able to inspire, give a pleasure, evoke a sincere delight and even return to childhood…

Once – and now you wake up from the smell of your mom’s pancakes. You eat them with appetite, lick your fingers.

We know how precious such memories are. That’s why the taste of Sloboda products is the same as at home.